Jeff Carman

Versant 2021 Annual Report Released

April 11th, 2022: COVID-19 has exponentially increased the pressure on all sectors of healthcare. Our partners answered the call.

The pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in traditional onboarding practices and abilities to staff organizations quickly and efficiently. If data analytics on the state of our workforce were important pre-COVID-19, it is now essential as we develop, direct, and implement the workforce staffing solutions that we seek. Therefore, the Versant® 2021 Annual Report will report on the state of new graduate nurses and transition fellows, highlighting differences between the groups while identifying successes and opportunities.

Find out how our partner organizations answered the call in Versant’s 2021 annual report, downloadable by clicking here.

For more than twenty years, Versant has measured underlying metrics linked to the success of onboarding new graduate nurses and experienced nurses transitioning into new areas of practice (transition fellows). Every nurse, regardless of specialty area of practice or experience level, must be given the opportunity to develop clinically and professionally throughout their careers. A competency-based framework that prepares nurses
for clinical practice which includes supportive structures such as debriefing for self-care, mentoring for professional development, and integration of Quality Improvement or Evidence-Based Practice is an effective solution that healthcare organizations can implement and sustain.

The annual report may be viewed here.


The only nurse competency‐based framework for transforming the continuum of care, Versant is focused on the assessment, remediation, validation and tracking of the competency of all nurses. Using empirical evidence and robust data, Versant provides its partners with a streamlined process for quantifying organizational performance. Since 1998, Versant has helped its partners increase retention and nurse satisfaction through the development and validation of nursing clinical, professional, and leadership skills at the point of care. From new graduate to advanced practice registered nurses, Versant’s solutions meet the needs of the entire health system.

Versant solutions now include New Graduate ResidencyNurse Transition FellowshipAdvanced Practice Registered Nurse FellowshipPreceptor Role DevelopmentAcademic-Practice Bridge Programs for APRNs and New Graduate RNsLong-Term Care Transition to PracticeHome Health Transition to PracticeCase ManagementCompetency Currency Management, and Self-Care and Professional Development for the Nursing Workforce.