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Versant Home Health Transition To Practice

Versant Home Health Transition To Practice

Versant Home Health Transition to Practice

Develop competent nurses for home health settings.

The Versant Home Health Transition to Practice is focused on the clinical and professional development of the nurse, whether new graduate, transitioning nurse, or APRN. Similar to Versant’s New Graduate Nurse Residency program and Transition Fellowships and APRN Fellowships, Home Health Transition to Practice offers a comprehensive solution for assessment, remediation, and validation of competencies at the point-of-care.

As part of the Home Health Transition to Practice, the new grad or transitioning nurse will develop acute care competencies, while supplementing core skills with specialty competencies targeted for home health settings. Integral to the program are preceptors and managers who are key to ensuring new grads and experienced nurses transitioning to Home Health are competency validated.

Unique Features of the Versant Home Health Transition to Practice
  • For new grad residents, the program consists of a nine-month clinical immersion period focused on competency validation and three months of post-immersion supervised independent practice.
  • For transitioning nurses, the program consists of the same, minus post-immersion supervised independent practice.
  • The program includes competency-driven guided clinical immersion and curriculum, as well as formal mentoring and debriefing.
  • An individualized learning plan for competency achievement is based on a multi-level data performance gap analysis process.

As with all of Versant’s solutions, the systematic approach uses a competency-based model. To learn more about Versant’s competency-based system, click here to view an interactive overview.

For more information on how this service offering can help your organization, please click here for a short overview.


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