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Versant Competency Assessment Tracking

Versant Competency Assessment Tracking

Versant Competency Assessment Tracking

Evaluate, Remediate, Validate, and Track RN Competencies Seamlessly

In our complex healthcare environment, a nurse’s competence and confidence level is critical to patient safety. Rapid advances in science and medicine, as well as evolving changes in policies and regulations, require healthcare organizations to conduct efficient and comprehensive competency evaluations.

For more than a decade, Versant has worked with over 90 health systems transitioning new graduate nurses to practice and assisting experienced nurses transition to new specialty areas. The Versant Competencies Assessment, Acquisition, and Tracking System meets the needs of even the most complex health system. As a user-friendly platform, it easily tracks and provides a transparent way to evaluate competencies for every nurse.

The innovative web-based Versant Competencies Assessment, Acquisition and Tracking System is designed to provide health systems with a fluid, intuitive, and seamless competency solution for current and ongoing reporting. To learn more about Versant’s competency-based system, click here to view an interactive overview.

The Key Elements
  • Clinical and non-clinical competencies focused on various specialties.
  • Adaptable to the advancement of clinical standards, policy updates, and changes in patient needs.
  • Real-time documentation of competency validation.
  • Expedited communication and notification of competencies to key individuals.
  • Efficient data collection and reporting.
  • Scalable to meet the needs of your entire health system for every nurse.
Health System Benefits

Empower nurses — Versant Competencies Assessment, Acquisition, and Tracking System allows nurses to take responsibility for their professional development. Versant automatically notifies nurses of upcoming competency evaluations, licensing, and certification renewals, allowing managers to easily track individual progress.

Standard of Care — Versant Competencies Assessment, Acquisition, and Tracking System is an easy-to-use solution to ensure standardized competencies for those with similar responsibilities, regardless of specialty area, thereby ensuring a single standard of care. At the same time, competencies can be customized to specific needs of nurses within multiple specialties, based on their assigned department, level of experience, and types of care needed by each individual patient.

Flow of Information — Versant has created simple steps for each health system to easily generate custom, specialty-specific competency assessments, as well as track and maintain staff certifications and licensure in real-time. Organized and actionable data allows for accurate measurement of ongoing knowledge and skill development. It enables use of evidence-based practice for safe performance and progress towards the health system’s goals.

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