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Transitioning New Graduates to Practice

Versant’s focus is to fundamentally transform healthcare through an integrated competency-based system. The system defines, implements, and validates standardized, evidence-based practices to achieve positive patient outcomes.

The Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency is a comprehensive education and training system designed specifically to transition newly graduated registered nurses to safe, competent, and professional practitioners. The ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP) sets the global standard for residency programs that transition nurses (RNs) into new practice settings. They define new nurses as having less than 12 months experience.

Versant provides a highly integrated and systematic approach to transitioning new graduate nurses by:

  • Defining a comprehensive baseline set of measurements and outcomes, evidence-based structure, processes, and content.
  • Integrating, teaching, monitoring, and managing adherence to those standards.
  • Objectively evaluating success in achieving the RN Residency goals.

As with all of Versant’s solutions, the systematic approach uses a competency-based model. To learn more about Versant’s competency-based system, click here to view an interactive overview.

Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency Objectives

Integrated into an organization’s structure, the Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency includes guided clinical experience with a preceptor, education and curriculum, a supportive component composed on formal mentoring and debriefing/self-care sessions, and a 360-degree evaluation and measurement process. As a Versant standard, all new graduate nurses hired by the health system are required to transition through the Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency. The Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency is the start of their experience at the point-of-care which will move them towards providing knowledgeable and safe patient care with confidence and compassion.

Versant’s team of client success experts are committed to guiding health systems to achieve their defined outcomes with the Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency. Versant’s success-process standards include assigning a Performance and Outcomes Management representative to work closely with the health system to provide implementation support, ongoing consultation and guidance.

For more information on how this service offering can help your organization, please click here for a short overview.


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