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Versant Nurse Transition Fellowship

Nurse Transition Fellowship

Versant Nurse Transition Fellowship

Transitioning Experienced RNs to New Clinical Practice Areas

Partnering with healthcare organizations nationwide for two decades, Versant has consistently been recognized for its commitment to creating an environment that promotes learning and professional development.

Based on recent research and reports, there has been a call for mandatory nurse residencies. It is found to be an imperative that healthcare organizations provide nurses with enhanced knowledge and skills needed to take on leadership roles and to ensure patient safety.

The rapid changes that are constantly occurring in the healthcare market, combined with the complex needs of an aging population and advances in diagnosis and treatment of ill patients, have produced an unprecedented demand for a highly trained and specialized nursing workforce.

Through close collaboration with health systems, Versant has developed a solution to address this critical challenge—how to best prepare and support experienced nurses moving from one specialty area of practice to another. Through the Versant Transition Nurse Fellowship, Versant assists health systems in implementing a long-term staffing strategy to address the urgent need for nurse retention and quality patient care across the continuum of care.

The Versant Transition Nurse Fellowship is specifically designed to provide innovative training that supports critical thinking and the education nurses need to meet the challenges that accompany their expanding roles as they transition into new specialties.

The Versant Competency Model is used to ensure that nurses know the fundamentals that will improve the quality of patient care. To learn more about Versant’s competency-based system, click here to view an interactive overview.

Unique Features for Specialty Transition
  • The Versant Transition Nurse Fellowship includes focused remediation based on specialty-specific gap assessment and competency-driven guided clinical immersion as well as formal mentoring and debriefing.
  • Each transition nurse fellow receives an individualized learning plan for competency acquisition based on a multi-level data performance gap analysis process.
  • Vital professional development topics, such as conflict resolution, the culture of a new unit, self-confidence and goal setting, are presented and discussed.

For more information on how this service offering can help your organization, please click here for a short overview.

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