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Greater competency with trained preceptors

Developing healthcare leaders for tomorrow is one of the best means for improving a health system’s over-all performance, both operational and clinical. A la carte programs and remediation through on-line courses or lectures traditionally fall short of creating skills that transition to the bedside. A key driver of developing a competency-based workforce and ensuring success is preceptors.

With 60,000 RNs now exiting the market annually, the projections are that
1 million RNs will have exited by 2030. Health systems face a very real challenge of sustaining medical knowledge and experience. Onboarding and retaining qualified individuals will become even more critical to quality care. Healthcare leaders are now, more than ever, tasked with identifying and empowering managers and preceptors within their organization that are capable of harnessing knowledge and developing the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Proven success with preceptors

Over the last twenty years, Versant has proven to be the leader in competency-based development and its work with organizations has resulted in improved quality of care scores, increased retention, improved workforce satisfaction and self-efficacy. The results have come from a commitment to developing preceptors to enable a health system to achieve their goals.

The role of the Versant preceptor is to provide the support necessary to help a resident or fellow acquire clinical competence. Versant helps identify and train the preceptor so that they are able to successfully guide the new graduate, incumbent, or transitioning nurse into their particular practice settings.

Versant Preceptor Role Development Program™

Core Competencies: Identification of core competencies specific to the preceptor role and the health system to help ensure quality and a focus on reducing medical errors and improving patient and nurse safety.

Performance Support Tools: Performance support tools and success team support to prepare the preceptor for competency validation through access to actionable information and resources for remediation.

Reporting and Tracking Tool: An integrated on-line platform, Versant Voyager® to assist in managing preceptor performance as they progress through preceptor role development and validation.

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