Versant Mission and History

With patient safety as the ultimate outcome, healthcare organizations must fundamentally transform themselves to move toward a goal of zero defects. Versant® transforms healthcare organizations by implementing an integrated competency-based system and measuring outcomes through a series of performance and process metrics.

Versant’s Competency-Based System provides partner organizations a comprehensive and systemic approach to:

  • Measuring and evaluating clinical competencies throughout each nurse’s career
  • Identifying and remediating competency gaps through further education
  • Onboarding and transitioning nurses into competent and confident practitioners
  • Transitioning experienced nurses into a new specialty area of practice
  • Tracking outcomes to demonstrate, in real time, program ROI and effectiveness

The Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency (VNGNR) originated in 1999 at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as a department-based capability with a focus on research and outcomes. In 2004, Versant was formed with the mission to improve patient outcomes across the entire health care industry.