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VAPRNF™ Development Highlight: APRN Job Analysis

Versant® is committed to a future where all health care providers will experience the proven benefits of the Versant Competency-Based System. Patient safety is our ultimate goal and ensuring every caregiver is proven competent at the point-of-care must be an essential part of a unified and structured framework within nursing education. As such, we at Versant are continually engaged in the development of new residencies and fellowships. Our most recent offering, the Versant Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Fellowship™ (VAPRNF™) was just released in January. Although we are already deep into our next development cycle, we wanted to share with you

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Versant Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Fellowship Released!

We are pleased to announce the Versant Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Fellowship™ is now available! The VAPRNF™ is a brand-new service offering that utilizes the Versant Competency-Based System™ to transition new primary and acute care APRNs into confident and competent practitioners. We have compiled

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Webinar: Versant Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Fellowship™

We are pleased to announce that the Versant Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Fellowship™ (VAPRNF™) has been completed and will be made available to interested clients beginning January 25th, 2018. Many of you have been emailed an invitation to a webinar entitled, “What to know about the Versant APRN Fellowship”, which will be recorded and released for anyone who is unable to make it. We will discuss why the fellowship was developed, how Versant’s Competency-Based System is applied to the fellowship, how to implement the fellowship, and benefits of the fellowship to your organization. This webinar will be held January 25th,

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Fall In Love With The Versant Voyager® New Mobile Documentation App

On February 10 Versant released a new mobile application for competency validation. Preceptors can now document competency validation using an iPhone, Android or tablet in real time. Visit your device’s app store and search “Versant Voyager®,” download the app, and begin using – it’s that simple. We hope you enjoy the ease of validating competencies, in real-time, when competencies are performed at the point of care. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Versant® Announces New Mobile Documentation App

Versant® is excited to announce the immediate release of the Versant Voyager® Mobile Application for Competency Validation. Preceptors will now have the flexibility to document competency validation at the point of care, in real-time, from their iPhone, Android, iPad, or any tablet – anywhere, anytime. Simply search your app store for “Versant Voyager,” download the app, and get started! Please see the linked press release announcement for full details.

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A Union of One: Versant® Collaborates with the DAISY FOUNDATION!

We have often wondered about the transition from student nurse to competent, confident practicing nurse. For new RNs, that first day in a clinical setting must be terrifying, even after they have worked in clinical settings as students. Versant® RN Residencies utilizes a comprehensive, competency-based framework to ensure a safe and smooth transition, not only for new nurses just out of school but also for experienced nurses who are transitioning to new areas of practice. Through the collaboration, Versant will incorporate into their competency framework specific competencies designed to formally manage, evaluate and encourage meaningful recognition – like the DAISY

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