A Union of One: Versant® Collaborates with the DAISY FOUNDATION!

We have often wondered about the transition from student nurse to competent, confident practicing nurse. For new RNs, that first day in a clinical setting must be terrifying, even after they have worked in clinical settings as students. Versant® RN Residencies utilizes a comprehensive, competency-based framework to ensure a safe and smooth transition, not only for new nurses just out of school but also for experienced nurses who are transitioning to new areas of practice. Through the collaboration, Versant will incorporate into their competency framework specific competencies designed to formally manage, evaluate and encourage meaningful recognition – like the DAISY Award – for nurses at all stage of their careers. By integrating DAISY recognition in its competency framework, Versant’s focus on the well-being of the nurse is enhanced; compassionate care, in addition to safe, competent clinical practice, is reinforced as a critical component of nursing excellence. We are excited about the work Versant and The DAISY Foundation will do together!

“Among the many benefits of our relationship with Versant is that it will help give us a means of reminding young nurses that despite the clinical demands of their work, there is a human being in that bed or chair. That person deserves to be treated with kindness and sensitivity no matter how complex the technology and tasks used in treatment. We are very impressed by Versant’s mission to improve patient care and excited about the work we will do together to reinforce our shared message,” said Bonnie Barnes, FAAN, DAISY’s Co-founder and President. “Versant remains committed to articulating the broad-based competency set that defines nursing excellence, identifying and remediating competency gaps for each and every nurse, and enhancing nursing’s organizational capacity to develop, improve and sustain patient outcomes. We are so excited to formally address in our competency set the profound work of the DAISY Foundation in promoting and celebrating the extraordinary humanity of the nurse…for the benefit of all,” said Larissa Africa, Versant’s President.

About The DAISY Foundation

The not-for-profit DAISY Foundation is based in Glen Ellen, CA, and was established by family members in memory of J. Patrick Barnes and the extraordinary care he received from nurses during his 8 week hospitalization Patrick’s family expresses their gratitude to nurses with programs that recognize the extraordinary compassion and skill of direct care nurses (The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, now in nearly 1,600 healthcare facilities), that honor the inspiration provided to nursing students by their dedicated faculty (The DAISY Faculty Award), that celebrate compassion among nursing students (The DAISY in Training Award) and with grants for nursing research and evidence-based practice projects (J. Patrick Barnes Grants for Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Projects). More information is available at

About Versant

Versant Holdings, LLC is dedicated to transforming the way healthcare optimizes its talent to provide the highest quality patient care with a mission to fundamentally improve patient safety through developing and sustaining professional nursing organizations… One Nurse at a Time®. As a national leader in competency-based nursing residencies, Versant provides comprehensive, evidence-based residency models addressing the nurses transitioning into practice as well as experienced nurses transitioning into new areas of practice. In addition, Versant uses comprehensive, broad-based competency frameworks to manage the competence and currency of the entire nursing organization. More information is available at

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