Jeff Carman


Versant’s COVID-19 Response

The situation with COVID-19 is serious and developing rapidly. We understand that healthcare organizations anticipate the need to care for a large number of patients, and are faced with the prospect of needing to rapidly expand their workforce.

Based on 20 years of experience with nurses transitioning to practice, we have identified a baseline set of core clinical competencies to immediately address the staffing crisis. Professionals with limited clinical experience (including student nurses, nurses transitioning to different areas of practice, and retired clinicians) can be quickly validated and deployed to practice, minimizing non-productive time.

Built on our competency-based framework and reflecting requirements for generalist practice, onsite competency validators can validate new hires using the Versant Voyager™ platform. A healthcare organization can be assured the employees they hire can demonstrate their competency to deliver safe and efficient patient care.

Working with Versant and state-specific regulatory bodies, this program can be quickly implemented to support your staff during your greatest time of need. For more information, please contact Anne Lambert at