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Versant Center Announces Grant Sponsorship Through ALSN

At Versant® we are focused on fundamentally improving all aspects of the nursing workforce’s ability to provide safe and competent care. This goal drives everything we do, is reflected in every product we create and every client we serve. As a company we support clients that want to improve clinical and leadership competencies at every level across the entire health system.

This past year has highlighted the need for rapid and translatable solutions to aid nurse leaders in dealing with emerging pandemics. Through our non-profit Versant Center for the Advancement of Nursing®, we seek to aid this research with financial support in the form of grants. In conjunction with the Association for Leadership Science in Nursing (ALSN), we’re excited to announce that we have agreed to fund two research projects on this topic. These two grant opportunities, $10,000 and $15,000 respectively, are currently being offered to ALSN members.

From now until October 30th, ALSN is accepting applications for researchers interested in participating in this project. Complete details can be found here.

We are excited to partner with ALSN and look forward to watching these studies unfold.