Preceptor Development Article to be Published in Journal

We are pleased to announce the publication of an article in The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, written by Jean Shinners, PhD, RN-BC, Executive Director, Versant Center for the Advancement of Nursing and Tammy Franqueiro, BSN, RN-BC, Assistant Vice President, Versant Holdings, LLC.

The article, entitled “Preceptor Skills and Characteristics: Considerations for Preceptor Education,” will be available in the May 2015 edition of the journal.

The article identifies the traits and characteristics necessary for an effective preceptor, explains the role of the nurse educator in the implementation of a successful preceptor program, and notes the necessity of an evidence-based supportive preceptor program in organizations that rely on preceptors.

We will update you once again when this article is available, but you can look forward to seeing it soon!