The Versant Success Team

Continuous Support to Ensure Clients Achieve their Goals

The Versant Success Team and support staff are responsible for the overall coordination, implementation, and on-going management of Versant’s Competency-Based System at the organization. While a la carte residency programs offer promises for support, Versant guarantees clients achieve their operational and financial goals. The Success Team exists to ensure consistent and trustworthy coordination to develop the best nurses in healthcare, improve nurse satisfaction and retention, ensure nurse efficacy, and deliver quality care outcomes.

The Key Elements

  • Implementation focused on an organization’s specific needs
  • Coordination and management of the Versant Competency-Based System
  • Workshops to train leadership on how to effectively utilize Versant Voyager, an integrated platform that tracks assessment, remediation and validation
  • Communication and reports on objectives and obstacles with senior leadership
  • Regularly scheduled feedback sessions to reach identified clinical goals
  • Current and relevant reference materials for program success

The Success Team leads Versant’s Competency-Based System internally and externally. They collaborate regularly with managers, educators, preceptors, mentors, de-briefers, and other key individuals who are instrumental in the success of Versant’s Competency-Based System. The Versant Success Team ensures clients maximize the potential of the entire Versant solution.