The Versant Difference

Nurses are the heart of our organization. Our partnership with Versant has resulted in the development of a superior workforce with nurses applying to our organization from all over the country.”


Versant believes that an organization must take the initiative to ensure all nursing care is performed competently. Versant® offers a unified way to ensure that all nurses are competent and supported in their practice.

Versant fundamentally transforms the healthcare workforce by offering an integrated competency-based system that defines, implements, and validates state of the art practices to achieve positive patient outcomes. The Versant Competency-Based system integrates within an organization, providing a comprehensive and systematic approach to:

  • Measuring and evaluating clinical competencies throughout the career of each nurse
  • Educating each nurse to remediate any identified competency gaps
  • Onboarding (enculturating) and transitioning nurses to competent and confident practitioners
  • Transitioning experienced nurses into a new specialty area of practice
  • Providing residency and fellowships to new grads, experienced RNs and APRNs
  • Tracking outcomes to demonstrate, in real time, program ROI and effectiveness
Versant ensures that both nurses and the organizations they work for have the tools, best practices, and skill development at the point-of-care that is necessary to reach their goals.

Versant offers programs to manage and elevate the competency performance of all nurses across all healthcare segments within an organization:

  • New Graduates: Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency (VNGNR)
  • Experienced Hires: Role Development Programs
  • Incumbent Nurses: Versant Competencies Assessment, Acquisition and Tracking System (VCATS®)
  • Transitioning Nurses: Versant Transition Nurse Fellowship (VTNF)
  • Advanced Practice: Versant Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Fellowship (VAPRNF)

Versant’s Competency-Based System is highly adaptable and addresses the needs of a wide variety of health care providers and settings across the country. For a list of our healthcare organization partners that are currently focused on developing The Best Nurses For The Best Healthcare possible click here.