Developing, Evaluation and Sustaining Competent RNs

Versant Competencies Assessment, Acquisition and Tracking SystemTM (VCATS®)

In our complex healthcare environment, a nurse’s competence and confidence level is critical to patient safety. Rapid advances in science and medicine and evolving changes in policies and regulations, requires healthcare organizations to conduct efficient and comprehensive competency evaluations.

For more than a decade, we have worked with over 90 hospitals across the nation as the leader in transitioning new graduate nurses to practice and assisting experienced nurses transition to new specialty areas. Developed by Versant®, VCATS® is based on what our clients have consistently told us they need—a user-friendly system that will easily track and provide a transparent way to evaluate competencies throughout a nurse’s career within their organization.

The innovative web-based Versant Competencies Assessment, Acquisition and Tracking System™ (VCATS) is designed to provide our clients with a fluid, intuitive and easy to use competency system.

The key elements of VCATS:
The organizational benefits:

Empower nurses — VCATS allows nurses to take responsibility for their professional development. Our system automatically notifies nurses of upcoming competency evaluations, licensing and certification renewals while managers can easily track individual progress.

Standard of Care — VCATS is an easy-to-use system that ensures standardized competencies for those with similar responsibilities, regardless of specialty area; thereby ensuring a single standard of care. At the same time, competencies can be customized to the specific needs of nurses within multiple specialties, based on their assigned department, level of experience and types of patients they provide care for.

Flow of Information — We have created simple steps for our clients to easily generate custom, specialty-specific competency assessments, as well as track and maintain staff certifications and licensure in real-time. Having organized, actionable data allows for accurate measurement of ongoing knowledge and skill development and use of evidence-based practice for safe performance and progress towards their organization’s goals.

For more information on implementation of the Versant Competencies Assessment, Acquisition and Tracking System (VCATS), please contact your Versant Performance and Outcomes manager or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..