Versant Solutions for Human Resources

Versant Solutions for Human Resources


Versant® offers advanced training to nurses who are new in their field, changing their practice focus, or returning to the workforce with a competency-based system that focuses on nurse satisfaction and retention.

The only competency-based solution
dedicated to developing all nurses

New Graduate Residency
New Graduate
Nurse Transition Fellowship
Nurse Transition
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Fellowship
Competency Tracking System
Tracking System
Preceptor Role Development
Preceptor Role Development
Long-term Care Transition To Practice
Long-Term Care
Transition to Practice
Home Health Transition To Practice
Home Health
Transition to Practice

Versant is the only competency-based solution to validate competencies for all nurses across the continuum of care. From new graduate to advanced-practice registered nurses, Versant’s solution meets the needs of the entire health system, from acute care to long term care, ensuring consistent workforce performance development.

For 20 years, Versant has helped its partners increase retention and nurse satisfaction. The outcomes are improved patient safety, patient satisfaction and quality of care scores. With the ongoing support of a Client Success Team, Versant is the only solution to guarantee its partners will achieve their goals.

While a la carte transition to practice programs rely solely on online seminars, classroom time, and “didactic” learning, Versant validates the nurse’s clinical, professional, and leadership competencies where they matter most. At the point of care.

The key to success is comprehensive support. Versant improves processes and quantifies performance development using empirical evidence and a proven preceptor program. Competencies are assessed, remediated where needed and then validated. The results are better retention, nurse satisfaction, patient safety and quality of care outcomes.

The only competency-based solution dedicated to developing the entire workforce.