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January 9, 2018

Versant Voyager® Sprint Spotlight

When our clients ask about what makes the Versant Voyager® system so unique, we often describe how the Versant Voyager platform supports competency, performance, and outcomes. These fundamentals of our philosophy are heavily encoded into our collaborative development processes and serve as the guiding principles for the entire Voyager team.

Our Voyager team is responsible for a highly-advanced and accessible web-based platform that provides client organizations with the tools they need to efficiently transition new graduate nurses to practice, transition experienced nurses into new environments, and facilitate ongoing competency-management. This mission requires a multi-disciplinary mix of specialists (including engineers, business analysts, designers, and testers) working in conjunction with Versant’s leadership in developing the best possible tool for our clients.

Versant Voyager also serves as the conduit for the research conducted at the Versant Center for the Advancement of Nursing® (Vcan®). The data collected by Versant Voyager is utilized in a variety of ways. For example, Vcan provides a collaborative opportunity for Versant clients, students, and members of academia to ask important research questions. Our data is utilized not only to advance Versant's mission and to meet our client goals, but also serves as an active and ever-growing data set for the broader nursing profession.

A significant component to Versant Voyager development is the Agile development methodology being utilized to organize, prioritize, and implement new features orenhancements. Each development cycle, referred to as a sprint, is a defined period where a limited amount of development can occur. A sprint begins with a through, collaborative, and dynamic planning session. Members of our interdisciplinary team perform a rigorous review of features, priorities, impacted stakeholders, and testing requirements - ensuring the best possible user experience. The feasibility and impact of development priorities influence which new features and enhancements are incorporated into the system.

The monthly ritual begins with a retrospective analysis of the previous sprint’s work. The retrospective is intended to elicit dialogue about what went well, what did not go well, as well as opportunities for improvement next sprint. Retrospectives give the team a safe space to express what processes or ideas were particularly successful in a supportive team environment. Retrospectives are conducted with a wide variety of activities that are designed around a theme such as communication or team building.

Following the retrospective, the team comes prepares for the next sprint. A typical sprint planning session includes discussions regarding user-interface audits, core feature business requirements, user-experience refinements, engineering tasks, and testing assignments. 

 Another opportunity for Versant’s Voyager team to iterate based on feedback is when Versant clients request a feature that they would like to see in Versant Voyager. This feedback is submitted as an enhancement request for the Voyager team to review and evaluate. The enhancement review process includes a full assessment that ranges from business requirements to design and alignment with Versant's philosophy of competency performance and safe patient care.

 The final part of the development process is the communication and reporting of a completed sprint, the impact to the rest of our Versant team, and communication to our clients through our standard channels.

A completed sprint is always a cause for celebration. The sprint window is finite and the commitment to a sprint’s deployment is an important milestone for the Versant Voyager team. We hope this look inside the Versant Voyager development process gives you an understanding into Versant’s commitment to developing services and tools that meet your organization’s goals of promoting safe patient care.

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