Versant® Launches Healthcare Competency Solutions for the Development of All Nurses

Programs now span continuum of care including long-term care and home health

Oct. 25, 2018—Versant®, the only nurse competency-based system to meet the needs of the entire health system, today announced it has launched comprehensive competency development solutions for every nurse across the continuum of care. Solutions now include programs for new graduates, transitioning nurses, and advanced practice registered nurses. In addition to acute care, Versant’s transition to practice solutions now include long term care and home health care programs.

“The best healthcare starts with the best, most competent nurses,” said Versant President, Larissa Africa. “Versant’s residency and fellowship programs support learning and professional development for all nurses regardless of whether they are newly licensed, advanced practice, or those transitioning to a different area of practice or specialty. Our solutions are not focused on extending classroom learning but on developing the nurse’s ability to provide safe, competent, compassionate care where it matters, at the point of care.”

Versant’s solutions now provide nurses at all career stages across the entire continuum with the knowledge and confidence that leads to improved job satisfaction and better outcomes for patients. As the national model for nurse graduate residency programs, Versant has proven to lead to higher satisfaction and retention rates, and overall better outcomes for patients. With 30% – 40% of hospital acquired infections attributable to nursing staff, transition to practice programs like Versant are critical to producing nurses who are competency validated.

“Creating a culture of safety depends on having the most competent workforce,” said Versant Managing Member, Michael Carman. “Designed to meet the unique challenges of any healthcare setting, whether acute care, or a long-term or home health setting, our competency-based solutions are based on evidence and data, creating a competency validated workforce who create better outcomes for patients.”

Versant solutions now include New Graduate Residency, Nurse Transition Fellowship, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Fellowship, Preceptor Role Development, Long Term Care Transition to Practice, Home Health Transition to Practice and Competency Tracking System.

The only nurse competency‐based system for transforming the continuum of care, Versant is focused on the assessment, remediation, validation and tracking of the competency of all nurses. Using empirical evidence and robust data, Versant provides its partners with a streamlined process for quantifying organizational performance. Since 1998, Versant has helped its partners increase retention and nurse satisfaction through the development and validation of nurse clinical, professional and leadership skills at the point‐of‐care. From new graduate to advance‐practice registered nurses, Versant’s solutions meet the needs of the entire health system.