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To create greater efficiency and enhance processes, Versant® employs Versant Voyager®, a web-based suite of workforce development applications. Voyager provides the necessary infrastructure for ongoing RN Residency administration, implementation, evaluation, and refinement. Additionally, it gives access to a large number of users and provides a means to maintain consistent and uniform standards.

Versant Voyager functionality includes:
  • Access to the Versant RN Residency curricula and content
  • Scheduling and calendar
  • Real-time documentation of competency validation, RN resident progress, and goal achievement
  • Expedited communication and notification to key RN Residency participants
  • Data collection and reporting

It is important to note that Voyager is not intended to supplant the Versant RN Residency’s “high-touch” character. On the contrary, Voyager is a tool that enhances the RN Residency by harnessing cutting-edge technology to automate processes. Voyager is designed to mimic the workflow of key RN Residency personnel. All users can learn it quickly and easily. Versant provides Voyager user training sessions during the RN Residency start-up phase, as well as Voyager User Training Guides for ongoing user training and reference.

Versant Voyager provides tools that ensure program outcomes are easily tracked and achieved at both the hospital and health system level. Versant Voyager allows an organization to evaluate individual RN resident performance as well as overall RN Residency performance in real time. More than an educational resource delivery system for our 200-plus peer-reviewed learning modules, Versant Voyager collects and organizes data throughout the RN Residency and allows you to benchmark your performance against comparison groups and other Versant RN Residency clients across the Versant National Database.

Versant Voyager enables the hospital and its residents to immediately access program content, rapidly schedule activities, communicate important information, and quickly evaluate progress.

Versant Voyager is used to collect nearly 200,000 separate data points for each resident. Versant Voyager provides a level of granular detail otherwise unattainable through manual or time-delayed paper-based methods. Residents can view their progress and preceptors can track and update residents’ competencies through both objective and subjective measures.

Versant Voyager can be accessed via the Web using any computer with Internet access.

Continuing Nursing Education

Versant® is accredited with distinction as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


 Accredited Provider

About Versant

Versant® (pronounced VER-sent). The name Versant is derived from the word conversant, which means, “to be well informed about or thoroughly knowing” a field of expertise.